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   Legal Disclaimer

At Canadian Dewatering we believe that all incidents, injuries, environmental and property loss are preventable. We value our employees, clients and the environment and we do not view any level of loss as an acceptable consequence of conducting our business. Health, safety and the environment will not be sacrificed just to “get the job done.” We aim for the target of zero incidents, accidents and property loss.

Our target of zero incidents, injuries, environmental and property loss requires that all employees in the company take responsibility for their own safety as well as the safety of others. Canadian Dewatering continually invests in our employees to ensure that they have the best resources to do this and in turn we expect all employees feel free to intervene and refuse unsafe work, participate actively in safety meetings, inspections, report incidents, injuries, environmental and property losses when they occur. Employees are required to openly communicate hazards and participate actively in our preventative maintenance program.

Canadian Dewatering front line leaders are expected to lead with integrity and by example in identifying and controlling hazards and by complying with all company and legislative regulations. Additionally, we require all Canadian Dewatering contractors to adhere to a health, safety and environmental program that meets or exceeds the Canadian Dewatering Health, Safety and Environmental program.

Canadian Dewatering Leadership is committed to ensuring that all our employees are given the tools and resources required to perform the tasks expected of them. Canadian Dewatering Leadership will actively participate in identifying and controlling hazards and leading by example in adherence to company and legislative regulations.

As we work together on our journey to zero incidents, injuries, environmental and property loss, we will be able to maintain and improve upon our standard of best in class service and by so doing ensure a quality workplace for all of our employees, visitors and clients as well as protecting the natural environment for generations to come.